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IT Solutions
for Your Sector


Previous clients include Microsoft, Apple, Boeing, PBS, Best Buy and major financial institutions.  Our diverse projects have included tracking marketing campaigns for Microsoft, working with Apple on video quality, and manufacturing automation for Boeing.


We participate in federal and SLED markets.  We are registered to bid on federal contracts (DUNS 081-234-605).  We offer custom integrated software solutions.  We also partner with 1000+ vendors for off-the-shelf software, hardware, and value-added integrations.    


We've created custom learning platforms helping educational institutions to leverage technology and gain efficiencies.  We believe education is key to our societies success on many levels, and that it will be undergoing fundamental shifts in the near future--we plan to be a part of this.


Our consultants have been instrumental in creating, maintaining, and marketed e-commerce initiatives for Microsoft, Best Buy, and other companies.  We've created custom global payment and security platforms as part of these integrated solutions.  

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