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PPE Equipment

SGS’s principles have been working with wellness and related online technology and logistics for over a decade. With the current crisis, we are mobilizing our network of overseas suppliers to source essential medical gear needed by healthcare providers.

PPE Product Availability

We have the following items ready for immediate import:

Respirator Masks: KN95 and N95 (FDA registered). At least 500,000 available. Lead time approximately 10 days (air freight).

Other PPE Equipment: We can also take orders for other PPE items including: Surgical Masks, surgical gowns, gloves, and thermometers.

We understand time is of the essence. All of our current efforts are going towards obtaining these critical items in an expedited manner. Please reach out to the contacts below for any questions and/or to facilitate placing orders.



Jaime Gutierrez, Sales Director, 312-804-4995

Scott Bundren, Operations Director, 831-359-9378

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